A Special Thank You

Giving Thanks and Appreciation

How many of us struggle to find time? We need time to organize our desks and files, time to compile notes from meetings, time to prepare for meetings, and—not to mention—time for actual meetings. I know it can be hard. Many of us also have spouses, children, parents, or pets depending on us, which means we strive to find time to spend with them. With so much going on, it is easy to forget that we must pause to give thanks and appreciation to those who have helped us along the way. Doing so is important. Therefore, I would like to acknowledge the following individuals who have helped the organization over the last several years and really stepped it up during the most recent Mid-Winter.

thank youFirst and foremost, it is important to note that the past presidents are and continue to be a wonderful support network. They are always willing to lend a helping hand, provide guidance, and fill in when needed.

Second, my fellow officers are a dedicated bunch, always discussing ways to increase agency participation and ideas to present high-quality conferences.

Third, it is important to acknowledge the volunteers that have been with TSABAA conference after conference, dealing with the tight timelines, changing presentations, or difficult demands.

This became most evident after our recent Mid-Winter and the significant changes in the Vendor Sponsorship Model. We had a lot to do; the new sponsorship model needed to be communicated to the vendors, the web site updated, the badges redesigned, vendor banners ordered, and the program brochure designed to new specifications.

We were only successful because the following folks were willing to get us past the finish line. They deserve a huge thank-you for their contributions.

Sandra Woodruff, thank you for meeting with us to answer our many questions. You responded to emails, ordered banners, and helped us put our new model to work. Your dedication and commitment are commendable.

Mary Helen Shuff, thank you for your many years of service to TSABAA. You have designed, proofed, and edited many of our brochures. It is going to be difficult to fill your shoes on the printing committee. Also, thank you so much for helping us design the new vendor banners and agreeing to continue in that role; we love your professional work products.

Julie Vela and Amy Baron Gomez, your contributions on the printing committee are very much appreciated; we are going to miss your creative designs.

Sona Holmstrom, thank you for developing our vendor relationships. We will try to carry on your great work.

Gloria Maynard, thank you for taking over the vendor reins; I know you will do a great job.

Lisa Nance, Steven O’Shields, and Brandy Corrales, thank you for helping us get the new vendor banners where they needed to be.

Michelle Chapman and Ryan McDonald, thanks for the quick redesign of the website. It looks amazing.

And last but certainly not least, thanks to the following committee chairs and members that helped with Mid-Winter; it was a great success.

Yolanda Hall, Conference Chair

Don Green, Emcee

Trina Edwards, Local Arrangements Chair, and Dara Stone and Susan Partida

Lee Roy Lopez, Hospitality Committee

Conrad Swan and Roberto Ruiz, Program Committee Co-Chairs

Amy Baron-Gomez and Mary Helen Shuff, Printing Committee Co-Chairs, and Jared Wall

Lisa Haralson, Registration Committee Chair, and Lynn Ward, Karen Sands, Paula Foster, Joani Bishop, Kerrie Summerfield, Tony Couvillon, Sandi Mota, Donna Keel, and Ana Clark

Sona Holmstrom, Vendor Committee Chair, and Gloria Maynard


With all my respect and appreciation,

Rebecca Trevino

About the Author

Rebecca Trevino

Rebecca Trevino is the Chief Financial Officer for the Texas Water Development Board and the TSABAA 2018 President.

Rebecca Trevino can be contacted at: rebecca.trevino@twdb.texas.gov.