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Texas State Agency Business Administrators’ AssociationDear TSABAA members,

I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy. I suspect you are all busy filling vacant positions and thinking through potential exceptional items—we all are. If you joined us at the 38th Mid-Winter Conference, it was good to see you; I hope you enjoyed the program. If you saved your travel dollars and intend to meet us in San Antonio in July, I look forward to catching up with you.

So far, it has been a year of change for TSABAA. Beginning this fiscal year, we reduced the number of officers from six to four, eliminating the Second Vice President and Parliamentarian positions. We also put together a special committee to revisit the association’s vendor sponsorship model. The special committee was led by past president Sandra Woodruff. She, along with past president Lori Trank, put together a wonderful plan that was well received by the officers and vendors.

The new sponsorship model

  • simplifies budgeting and administrative processes for the vendors,
  • maximizes their amount of advertising, and
  • greatly improves our ability to plan and budget our events.

As you know, TSABAA hosts two conferences and one golf tournament annually. We also hold bi-monthly training sessions presenting a variety of topics. These events are put together by a dedicated group of TSABAA volunteers. The time they spend on these strengthen those relationships with other agency personnel that are so vital to our careers and TSABAA. Please take a moment to thank those volunteers when you see them at the conferences or golf tournament and consider joining us in volunteering. Despite how rewarding the work on those functions is, they are still work. This is why we are contemplating more changes. TSABAA is working with representatives from the Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications (TASSCC) to gain an understanding of its operations to determine if we can adopt similar practices and move ourselves to the next level.

Based on conversations with prior presidents, current members, and others who have knowledge of TASSCC, this could be an exciting transition for us. There will be more to come on this topic.

If you are interested in expanding your agency contacts and would like to help us evaluate this potential change, please contact me at 512-936-0809.  I would love to hear your opinions and ideas because they are important and this association is designed to meet the needs of our members. Our goal is to create synergies by leveraging the experiences of others to ensure we are all functioning at our most optimum levels and efficiencies.

Thank you for all you do.


Rebecca Trevino

2018 TSABAA President


About the Author

Rebecca Trevino

Rebecca Trevino is the Chief Financial Officer for the Texas Water Development Board and the TSABAA 2018 President.

Rebecca Trevino can be contacted at: