Past Administrator of the Year Recipients

Year Name Agency
2019 Sandra Woodruff Comptroller of Public Accounts
2018 Wayne Roberts Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
2017 Richard Hyde Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
2016 Mike Reissig Comptroller of Public Accounts
2015 Don Green Teacher Retirement System
2014 Glenna Bowman Office of Court Administration
2013 John Keel Texas State Auditor
2012 Melanie Callahan Texas Water Development Board
2011 Suzy Whittenton Comptroller of Public Accounts
2010 Gordon Taylor Department of Aging and Disability
2009 Cindy Reed Texas Department of Information Resources
2008 Martin A. Hubert Comptroller of Public Accounts
2007 Cecilia Whitley Texas Senate
2006 Don Raschke State Securities Board
2005 John O’Brien Legislative Budget Board
2004 Ken Welch Comptroller of Public Accounts
2003 Marie Moore Bond Review Board
2002 Ronnie Jung Teacher Retirement System
2001 Jim Beck Secretary of State
2000 Mike Regan Comptroller of Public Accounts
1999 Andrew “Drew” Thigpen Department of Protective and Regulatory Services
1998 Albert Hawkins Office of the Governor
1997 Ed White Texas Youth Commission
1996 Frank Smith Texas Department of Transportation
1995 James R. Hine Texas Employment Commission
1994 Dale K. Craymer Office of the Governor
1993 Billy Hamilton Comptroller of Public Accounts
1992 Barney L. Schulz Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
1991 T. C. Mallett Comptroller of Public Accounts
1990 Byron C. Blaschke Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation
1989 Richard R. Robertson Office of the State Auditor
1988 James A. Lynaugh Texas Department of Corrections
1987 Jack Roberts Comptroller of Public Accounts
1986 James L. Jackson Texas Rehabilitation Commission
1985 Alfred R. Castello Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation
1984 Paul A. Speer Texas Adjutant General’s Department