2009 Summer Conference – Austin

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About the Speakers

Karen Campbell

Karen Campbell serves as a team leader in the Appropriation Control section of the Fiscal Management Division in the Comptroller’s office. She has worked for the state of Texas since 1989, with the last eight years at the Comptroller’s office. Her previous state experience is with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (and its predecessor agencies), where she worked with accounting, grants and the budget. Karen is a graduate of Texas State University–San Marcos with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting.

In addition to leading a team in Appropriation Control, Karen is an instructor. She teaches the USAS Core Lab — a class that gives new users of the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) an overview of the system’s profiles and screens and hands-on experience with system basics. She also teaches Appropriation Management, which is designed for agency financial professionals who manage and monitor budgets. She also teaches specialized classes customized to meet the needs of agencies related to USAS and the appropriation process.

As an instructor and team leader, Karen teaches tips and tricks that make the job of monitoring appropriations easier for financial professionals at Texas state agencies and institutions of higher education.

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Rob Coleman

Rob Coleman is a 15-year state government professional. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 1988 with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Rob went to work for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) implementing large-scale financial applications across private and public sectors. As a member of EDS, Rob worked as a business analyst assisting with the implementation of the Uniform Statewide Accounting System.

Rob began his state career at the Comptroller’s office as an appropriations control officer. He became manager of the Statewide Fiscal section and assistant manager of the Fiscal Systems Division. Rob then joined his alma mater as an associate director in the Office of Accounting and recently returned to the Comptroller’s office as a government relations specialist in the Statewide Stimulus Oversight area of the Fiscal Management Division. Rob enjoys golf in any type of weather and hopes to one day vacation in Scotland to play the Old Course at St. Andrew’s.

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Leo Collas

Leo Collas grew up in Honolulu where his parents were in the restaurant business. He attended the University of Hawaii, but left the islands to earn a degree in technical management/computer science from Regis University in Colorado. With a strong background in banking and finance, Leo worked as a stockbroker after leaving college in the volatile market of the 1980s.

Happy to leave the stress of that industry behind, Leo found a niche back in the hospitality trade. He worked as controller for what is now the Doubletree Hotel in Colorado Springs, and moved to Texas to be controller of the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin. In 1995, Leo left the hotel business and went into consulting, where he became involved in the Statewide Government Accounting Project that brought us the USAS and USPS systems. Leo has since worked for the Comptroller’s office as a USAS systems analyst and is now on the Comptroller’s Business Intelligence Project in the Fiscal Management Division.

In his spare time, Leo enjoys art, photography and home improvement projects. He has laid wood floors in his last three houses, and recently renovated his kitchen with copper countertops.

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Andrea Gappmeyer

Though she’d never claim a green thumb, the dynamic Andrea Gappmayer does know how to make carrots grow.

A former radio disc-jockey and long-time trainer, Andrea came to O.C. Tanner with years of experience entertaining and interacting with people. Whether she was broadcasting live while bungee jumping, interviewing highly respectable musicians or giving relationship advice on her Friday evening talk-show, Andrea brought quick wit and enthusiasm into every aspect of her 11-year radio career. She was nominated for “Personality of the Year” by Radio & Records magazine in 2000, and in 2002 was voted as “Best Disc Jockey in Utah” — she has the plaque to prove it.

Andrea left radio to work in the pharmaceutical industry where she wowed physicians, nurses, and medical assistants with her dynamic presentation, Medicare Part D: How It’s Ruining Your Life.

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Stuart Hamm

Stuart Hamm is currently the South District manager of the Federal Surplus Property Program that is administered through the Texas Facilities Commission. Prior to his employment with the state of Texas, Stuart worked with the United States Air Force and various foreign military governments under the Foreign Military Sales Program.

Stuart lives in Floresville with his wife and two children.

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Stacey Hassin

Stacey Hassin is the manager of the Statewide Human Resource and Payroll Assistance (SHRPA) section in the Fiscal Management Division of the Comptroller’s office. The section is responsible for supporting state agency and institution of higher education personnel with all facets of processing payroll and personnel information including a comprehensive training program. Stacey has been with the Comptroller’s office for five years. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in business administration from Concordia University Texas. Her hobbies are gardening, remodeling, and taking care of her three children ranging in age from 8 to 18. She loves playing tennis and volleyball.

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Geoffrey Hood

Geoffrey Hood works in the Expenditure Assistance section of the Fiscal Management Division at the Comptroller’s office. He provides information and training to state agencies and universities on state travel and purchase rules and guidelines.

Geoffrey has held not only trainer roles, but also those of analyst and manager. He came to the Comptroller’s office after 10 years of working in the Texas child support system. The first eight years were with the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the last two were with Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), the company that runs the Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit. He received his Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1997.

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Meagan Johnson, CSP

Meagan Johnson became interested in generational diversity while working in corporate America (Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods and Xerox) following graduation from Arizona State University Business School with a Bachelor of Science in marketing. She became discouraged by the negative comments about Generation X and frustrated by management’s one-way-fits-all approach to success at work and career advancement. She conducted extensive research on generational differences in a wide variety of organizations and institutions to find successful ways to work with the younger generation. Since 1997, Meagan has educated thousands in audiences around the globe, has been interviewed for numerous publications and has written extensively on the multi-generational workforce topic.

Meagan is an active member of the National Speakers Association and received her Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation in 2003. Her clients include Dairy Queen, Monster.Com, American Express, Loreal, Pepsi, Cadillac, Burger King, the Central Intelligence Agency, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company and Harley Davidson.

Meagan lives in Phoenix Arizona with four dogs that have a total of 15 legs. You do the math!

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Jonathan Judge

Jonathan Judge works in the SHRPA section of the Fiscal Management Division at the Comptroller’s office. He is one of the subject matter experts for the Human Resource Information System and a first responder for the Comptroller Medical Team. He has been with the Comptroller’s office for nine years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. He enjoys his job (of course!), the outdoors and many different types of activities such as running, bicycling and an intensive training system called CrossFit.

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George Lillig

George Lillig, U.S. director for TANDBERG government applications, has 25 years experience in the communications marketplace. He and his teams have deployed voice, data and video applications in some of the largest enterprises in the world. As an example in state government, George and his team have video-enabled the California Governor and Attorney General as well as over 50 California state agencies. TANDBERG is the world market share leader in video conferencing/telepresence endpoints and infrastructure. George’s current role includes development of applications for government, tele-health and distancebased learning.

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Steven S. Mary

Steven is the founder and president of Integrity Communication and an international speaker and executive coach. His company teaches the significance of incorporating servant-hearted leadership characteristics (humility, accountability, quality listening, an attitude of service and transformational relationship success) into an organization’s culture for personal and business success.

As an international speaker he has delivered more than 250 presentations in the United States, Canada and Europe for large and small audiences. Steven has served as an executive or performance coach with sports professionals, police departments, the judicial system, teachers, parents and all levels of business professionals.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Steven lived in London and Las Vegas and now calls Austin his home. When he is not working, Steven is active in his church ministries and is an integral part of his church and community.

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Steve Tamez

Steve Tamez began his career with the state in the Fiscal Management Division of the Comptroller’s office. He has worked with the Expenditure Audit and Expenditure Assistance sections where he conducted travel and purchase documentation training. He is currently the manager of the e-Payment Promotion section, where he oversees the promotion of direct deposit.

Before coming to the Comptroller’s office, Steve was involved in the food service industry for 13 years, training and managing restaurant managers. He has three kids and one wife. Besides working on his old house, his hobby is driving 100 miles a day round trip from Blanco to Austin to Blanco five times a week.

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Steven Tubbs

Steven Tubbs began his career with the state at the Comptroller’s office in November 2008. Before coming to the Comptroller’s office, Steven worked as a global and healthcare accounts coordinator for a well-known technology company and as a store director for one of the largest retail firms in the U.S. He currently works in the e-Payment Promotion section of Fiscal Management Division, where he helps to develop marketing materials for direct deposit promotions. Steven also works with the state’s top 20 vendors coordinating ACH setups, and he is part of the PIN maintenance team for the vendor payment search site.

Steven has two boys — 5 and 9 years old. He comes from a large family of seven siblings and loves spending time fishing, hunting and barbequing with family and friends.

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Suzy Whittenton

Suzy Whittenton is the director of Fiscal Management Division for the Comptroller of Public Accounts. She has served in that position since Jan. 1, 2007. The Fiscal Management Division serves as the state’s chief accountant, a primary duty of the Comptroller’s office. The division also disburses funds and pays claims that process through the state’s accounting and payroll/personnel systems. For four years prior to her appointment as director, she served as the division’s assistant director.

She has also served as an agency chief financial officer (CFO) in large, mid-sized and small agencies. She started her state career at the Governor’s Office and then moved to the Texas Racing Commission to serve as CFO for nearly eight years. She then took a position at the Texas Animal Health Commission as the deputy executive director for administration and CFO. She followed that with three years as CFO at the Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission. Whittenton has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin and is a Certified Public Accountant.

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Madeleine York

Madeleine York is the owner and CEO of York Career Development, Inc. She counsels and coaches managers and executives from a variety of industries and has been in management and leadership development working in national retail and medical organizations.

Madeleine is also an Insights accredited practitioner conducting workshops in all areas of professional and leadership development, team development and sales training. She is also a professional speaker and has presented at such events as the annual American Society for Training and Development Conference, the annual Executive Women In Texas Government Conferences and the Gulf Coast Symposium.

Madeleine has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas–Arlington, and she has completed graduate coursework at St. Edwards University and Texas State University–San Marcos. She was a graduate assistant at Texas State and taught at Austin Community College. She is a member of the Houston Partnership and participates in the CEO Roundtable committee. She is also active in the Houston chapter of the American Society of Training and Development.

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