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TSABAA The Administrator Article Index (Sept. 2007 – Feb. 2014 Issues)

Looking to brush up on state agency business administrator information? Here is an index of past issues of the TSABAA newsletter.

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Topic Article Title Issue Date
Administrator of the Year Cecilia Whitley Sept. 2007
Administrator of the Year Cindy Reed Aug. 2009
Administrator of the Year Gordon Taylor (Secrets to Success) Aug. 2010
Administrator of the Year Suzy Whittenton Aug. 2011
Administrator of the Year Martin Hubert Aug. 2008
Administrator of the Year Melanie Callahan Aug. 2012
Administrator of the Year John Keel Named 2013 Administrator of the Year Aug. 2013
Agency Programs Four Speakers Address the Power in Numbers (SORM, TPFA, TxCPA & LBB) Nov. 2012
Agency Programs Understanding the Roles of the LBB and SAO May 2012
Agency Programs ARRA Activity Now Even More Transparent June 2010
Agency Programs Board of Pharmacy Celebrates 100 Years Dec. 2007
Agency Programs Serving Our Veterans, Texas Style Feb. 2008
Agency Programs State Agency Wellness Initiatives Nov. 2009
Agency Programs Volunteerism: List of State Agency Sponsored Volunteer Services and Contacts March 2011
Agency Programs Volunteerism: Getting Started and TDCJ Overview March 2011
Agency Programs Volunteerism: Give Back to Your Community Through the TYC Mentoring Program June 2011
Agency Programs ERP Update: Additional Agencies to Implement CAPPS Nov. 2013
Agency Programs Legislative Recap and Updates on Agency Initiatives (TxCPA, SAO, Statewide Wellness & SECO) Nov. 2013
Agency Programs IT Strategic Plan, Procurement Update and Data Inventory Discussed Feb. 2014
Agency Programs In Memoriam: Donna Hodde Feb. 2014
Legislature/General Texas Test Your Knowledge of the 81st Legislature Aug. 2009
Legislature/General Texas 20 Questions on the 80th Legislature Sept. 2007
Legislature/General Texas Book Review: Bob Bullock: God Bless Texas Nov. 2008
Legislature/General Texas Facts on the Cap Feb. 2008
Legislature/General Texas From Idea to Law Feb. 2008
Legislature/General Texas Legislative Testimony for Fun and Profit (Billy Hamilton) Feb. 2009
Legislature/General Texas Texas, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Quiz the Ways March 2010
Legislature/General Texas Test Your Knowledge of the 83rd Legislature Aug. 2013
Management Skills CFO Corner: How to Avoid Common Audit Findings May 2013
Management Skills Designing a Game Called ‘Work’ May 2013
Management Skills Becoming a Fair Minded Thinker May 2013
Management Skills Fiscal Due Dates — First Quarter Aug. 2012
Management Skills Fiscal Due Dates — Second Quarter Nov. 2012
Management Skills Fiscal Due Dates — Third Quarter Feb. 2013
Management Skills Fiscal Due Dates — Fourth Quarter May 2013
Management Skills Use This Checklist to Help Maintain Objectivity May 2012
Management Skills CFO Corner: The LAR Process May 2012
Management Skills CFO Corner: The Budget Set-Up Process Feb. 2012
Management Skills AFR Reporting Requirements Survey Highlights Aug. 2012
Management Skills Tips Shared in the AFR Reporting Requirements Website Survey Aug. 2012
Management Skills Takeaways From the 42nd Annual Summer Conference Aug. 2011
Management Skills CFO Corner: Overview of the Appropriation Budget Process Nov. 2011
Management Skills Achieving Consensus Dec. 2007
Management Skills Auditor Roles in Government Performance Measurement and Accountability Aug. 2008
Management Skills How to Conquer the Challenges Feb. 2012
Management Skills Securing Your Return on Investment Through Safety Feb. 2012
Management Skills Be an Expert on Cyber Security June 2011
Management Skills Building Trust Nov. 2010
Management Skills Detecting Fraud in Language Nov. 2009
Management Skills Effective Listening March 2010
Management Skills Electronic Data Destruction Nov. 2008
Management Skills Human Resources Data May 2009
Management Skills Older Workers, Younger Bosses: The New Paradigm May 2009
Management Skills Organizational Change Basics May 2008
Management Skills Supply Chain Solutions Nov. 2010
Management Skills Take Seven Steps to Reclaim Your Time June 2011
Management Skills Thinking Outside the Box June 2010
Management Skills TPEA Provides Framework for Discussion of State Workforce Issues March 2011
Management Skills Understanding Compensation and Classification Systems in Texas Feb. 2008
Management Skills Communicating Negative Messages Nov. 2011
Management Skills CFO Corner: The Appropriations Budget Process Feb. 2013
Management Skills Excerpts From the Mid-Winter Conference Presentations Feb. 2013
Management Skills How to Be an Effective Leader Feb. 2013
Management Skills Summer Conference Features Trio of Keynote Speakers Aug. 2013
Management Skills Sharing Common Issues & Solutions: How to Unlock Batches Nov. 2013
Management Skills Sharing Common Issues and Solutions: How to Avoid Appropriation Control Issues Feb. 2014
Management Skills Mid-Winter Conference Starts Year Off Positively Feb. 2014

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