39th Annual Mid-Winter Conference Dec. 5 – 7, 2018

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Hotel reservations and new requirement for State employees to use Hotel Engine for hotel reservations.

For the Mid-Winter Conference, TSABAA negotiated a room rate for the conference dates that is less than the rate listed on the new Hotel Engine booking platform. Attendees will not be able to utilize Hotel Engine to make their hotel reservations for the YO Ranch Hotel and receive the conference room rate. According to the Comptroller’s Office, attendees will need to claim an exception to this requirement under TAC 20.408.

After speaking with the Comptroller’s Office, TSABAA received the following statement:

State travelers are permitted under TAC 20.408 (b) Lower cost to the state provide an exception to use travel contracts to book using a method other than Contract 971-M1 through Hotel Engine. Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) has spoken with Hotel Engine and determined that the direction to state traveler attendees for the December 2018 conference in Kerrville is to book directly with the YO Hotel to get the lower negotiated conference rate. This rate will not be available on Hotel Engine.

Going forward, as fixed rates at or below the GSA rate become available through Hotel Engine, all state travelers are encouraged to search Hotel Engine prior to using an exception cited in TAC 20.408.

Attendees should check with their agency’s travel department to make sure they comply with any agency specific travel policies and procedures as it relates to this new requirement.