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TSABAA Annual Conference History

Annual Conference President
50th — 2019 Sugar Land Yolanda Hall, Office of the Attorney General
49th — 2018 San Antonio Rebecca Trevino, Texas Water Development Board
48th — 2017 San Marcos Phillip Ashley, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
47th — 2016 Corpus Christi Paul Campbell, Texas Department of Transportation
46th — 2015 San Antonio Lori Trank, Health and Human Services Commission
45th — 2014 San Marcos Carla James, Comptroller of Public Accounts
44th — 2013 Austin Daniel Benjamin, Comptroller of Public Accounts
43rd — 2012 San Marcos Sandra Woodruff, Comptroller of Public Accounts
42nd — 2011 Austin Cecilia Whitley, Department of Family and Protective Services
41st — 2010 Austin Michael Doerr, Department of Aging and Disability Services
40th — 2009 Corpus Christi Greg Herbert, Office of the Attorney General
39th — 2008 Arlington Suzanne Tolley, Health and Human Services Commission
38th — 2007 San Antonio Ken Welch, Teacher Retirement System
37th — 2006 Montgomery Pamela Scivicque, Texas Public Finance Authority
36th — 2005 Corpus Christi Ronnie Jung, Teacher Retirement System
35th — 2004 Galveston Cindy Coats, Comptroller of Public Accounts
34th — 2003 Austin Don Raschke, Securities Board
33rd — 2002 San Antonio Larry Lazicki, Comptroller of Public Accounts
32nd — 2001 Fort Worth Jim Smith, School for the Deaf
31st — 2000 Padre Island Marie Moore, Bond Review Board
30th — 1999 Galveston Cheryl MacBride, General Land Office
29th — 1998 Austin Bo Overstreet, Comptroller of Public Accounts
28th — 1997 Corpus Christi Barney Schulz, School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
27th — 1996 Galveston Randi Warrington, Board of Professional Engineers
26th — 1995 San Antonio Larry Zatopek, Department of Transportation
25th — 1994 Arlington Larry Janecek, Comptroller of Public Accounts
24th — 1993 Austin Barbara Johnson, State Auditor’s Office
23rd — 1992 Padre Island Jerry Tucker, Office of the Governor
22nd — 1991 Austin Dan Mitchell, Department of Human Services
21st — 1990 Corpus Christi Mike Regan, Office of the Governor
20th — 1989 El Paso T.C. Mallett, Comptroller of Public Accounts
19th — 1988 Padre Island Lavonne Garland, Board of Architectural Examiners
18th — 1987 Austin David Joost, State Property Tax Board
17th — 1986 Austin Frank Smith, Department of Transportation
16th — 1985 Galveston Priscilla Jarvis, Department of Agriculture
15th — 1984 Corpus Christi Jim Beck, Secretary of State
14th — 1983 El Paso Carroll Fuchs, Board of Insurance
13th — 1982 Fort Worth Bob Owens, Comptroller of Public Accounts
12th — 1981 McAllen Gerry Sunday, Department of Corrections
11th — 1980 Padre Island Jim Watson, General Land Office
10th — 1979 Corpus Christi Henry Johnson, Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
9th — 1978 El Paso Wayne Fickel, Teacher Retirement System
8th — 1977 Brownsville Jim Lynaugh, Comptroller of Public Accounts
7th — 1976 McAllen James Sessions, Employees Retirement System
6th — 1975 McAllen Art Rankin, Texas Building and Procurement Commission
5th — 1974 Houston Gary Rodgers, Securities Board
4th — 1973 Corpus Christi Rex Stallings, Office of the Governor
3rd — 1972 San Antonio Hans Neumann, State Auditor’s Office
2nd — 1971 San Antonio Ed Nichols, Department of Agriculture
1st — 1970 San Antonio Jack Kyle, Department of Corrections